Carpet Cleaning

Established 1985

Quick & Fast Drying Steam Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your home or business’s floors clear and clean is easy when you recruit the Professional Carpet & Duct Cleaning team in Alexandria, Louisiana. Save time and money when you choose regular maintenance from our experienced floor cleaners.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Before we clean your carpet, we spray baseboards, edges, and doorways to kill germs and prevent allergens. Using the hot water extraction method, more commonly known as steam cleaning, we remove dirt from your rugs and carpets. The water we use approaches 200° in order to facilitate the killing of germs and other pests.
We use a Hurricane™ truck-mounted blower machine with 27 horsepower suction capability. This allows for a faster drying time—as little as three hours. As we use this machine, clients can see the dirt leaving their carpet. This method leaves no residue and is great for oriental rugs.

Gentle Method

Many carpet manufacturers recommend getting your carpet cleaned at least once a year, but the Professional Carpet & Duct Cleaning team method is so gentle that you can schedule cleaning even more often for high traffic areas. Add Scotchgard for a small additional charge.